Here We Go….

Well, its taken some time but I’m finally entering the world of blogging.  I wish I had the amazing writing ability of my talented younger sister, but I hope that I can use this platform to share ideas, tips, pictures and stories on how to celebrate the big and small things in life!

To start from the beginning, my name is Kate.  I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband Dustin and my two boys, Jake (2) and Tyler (1 month).  Growing up, I always loved holidays, parties and organizing; I was that girl that used different color pens for different events in my calendars and class notes!  I am a consummate planner and enjoy making a big deal of all of life’s events, big or small.  After successfully planning my Charleston wedding (without going over my budget!) I became interested in planning and organizing showers and parties. The details that seem to put everyone else over the edge are the things that I love!  Before long, my friends started asking me to help them plan parties and special events.  There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people plan events they will cherish and remember forever. Regardless of your budget, you can make every special day memorable.

Splendid Celebrations is the result of several years of brainstorming, hard work and a strong desire to be able to pursue what I love.  My family has truly pushed me to share what I am passionate about and I hope that I will be able to help you create memories from your special events.  There’s no event too big or too small, its the little details that people remember after the event is over. And it’s the little details that I excel at!  Let me help you plan an amazing and memorable event.  I’ll help you find the perfect theme for your special event and do the work for you, allowing you to truly enjoy and cherish every moment.

I hope you’ll enjoy following me along on this journey of learning, growth and exciting parties to come!  I look forward to learning from those around me and I’m excited to meet alot of new and wonderful people along my way.


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