Vacation Time

Vacation Time

Sometimes I find it really hard to separate my family life from my work life.  While some people believe this is a bad thing, I think its the reason I continue to love what I do.  My family inspires me to do new things, which is especially important when trying to build up a business.  With this being said, I will definitely be incorporating aspects of my personal life on this blog as it will give you a great idea of who I am and where I come from.

Tomorrow we leave for our first vacation as a family of four.  After a busy last month with our new little man, I think we are all looking forward to heading to the beach and a nice change of scenery.  We will be meeting up with my mom, dad and sister and I could not be more excited for several days of sand, water, fishing, eating and relaxing!  Vacation and the upcoming Labor Day holiday will definitely provide a fun two weeks ahead.  Stay tuned next week for some great Labor Day party tips!

I am most excited to start working on a project for the Vend Raleigh Illuminate 2013 conference on September 13, 2013 ( ).  Vend Raleigh is an amazing group of women that are all mompreneurs working hard to make a name for themselves all the while supporting their families and loved ones.  This conference provides a forum for networking, learning and general female camaraderie; one of the biggest thing a mom needs is a positive support group and this is the ideal place to find it!  Check it out and support local mompreneurs!

I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather for this upcoming weekend. It will definitely be much nicer than all the rain last weekend! Enjoy time with your family and friends, and I am excited for all the fun projects I have to share with you in the coming weeks.



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