Technology has a wonderful way of connecting all of us and presenting us with a plethora of information on any topic you desire; it also has a way of making you feel like a complete failure if you’re not on every social network, planning the perfect Pinterest party, baking Martha Stewart desserts for your child’s teacher or decorating your home with homemade decorations for every single holiday.  When did birthday parties go from homemade cake and cupcakes to fully elaborate Sweet 16 birthdays and thousands of dollars spent for a child who won’t remember a single part of it? Ironic I’m bringing this up as I am in the business of planning parties, weddings and other events; but the hope of my business is to help people create events without breaking the bank and without losing sight of what the child and family will love and remember.  It’s the little things that people remember, from the specialty drinks to the dessert bar and favors distributed at the end of the party or the wedding.

In the “mom world” you are surrounded by judgement no matter where you turn.  No matter what you do and what you choose there is someone out there that will tell you you’re wrong or that you should be doing it differently.  Even the strongest person will have a hard time ignoring the naysayers, and I feel myself falling into the trap of doing more than I would normally do sometimes because I feel like I should.    This popular article gives a great perspective for all of us who feel pressured to do and be everything to everyone around us:  I aim to be a supportive friend/mother/sister/daughter/wife to everyone in my life, and I try hard every day to not judge those around me.  I am definitely not perfect at this, but I continue to work on focusing on myself and not on what everyone else is doing or not doing.

My biggest source of perspective is my family, and more specifically my two sons (2 year old and 7 week old).  They both have a way of snapping me back to reality and focusing on what really matters.  They also make me want to make a big deal out of all life’s celebrations; which is what inspired my business.  I hope that my passion will shine through in all that I do for my family and for others.  What I love about my job is that I’m able to be a part of others’ special days, whether big or small.  It’s not the size or the price of the party that matters, it is the feeling people get when they are there and all the little details they remember.  I hope everyone is as lucky as I am to be surrounded by so many positive and supportive people, as that’s what life is all about.



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