Scooby Dooby Doo

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with a great family for their daughter’s 5th birthday party.  She loves all things Scooby Doo, so we took different aspects of the show and incorporated them into her birthday party.  The party was held at their church in a small banquet room and the girls had fun with the different activities we planned for them.  They played “Pin the bone on Scooby”, musical chairs with the Scooby Doo theme song, relay races with Scooby bones and the most popular of all, the cookie decorating table.  This is always a fun thing to do at parties for kids; have plain sugar cookies and LOTS of fun frosting/toppings for them to decorate with.  You can then bring bags for the kids to take home with them as a party favor, or add it to the favor bags if you’d like. 

ImageThe food was kept simple; cheese/cracker tray, fresh fruit, cupcakes (in addition to the cookies the kids decorated) and water or juice.  Each child was given a favor bag upon leaving the party.  We did separate bags for girls and for boys; each bag contained scooby snacks and other “scooby” items.  The girls got flower bags with rings and pink pens while the boys got brown scooby bags with race cars and pencils.  For centerpieces, mason jars were filled with flowers and put on each table.  For the birthday girl’s table, the mason jar was put in a green polka dot container to differentiate between tables.  On the food table the mason jars were filled with fruit loops to go with the flower power colors from the show.  ImageImageImage

All the details, decorations and set up were handled by Splendid Celebrations.  I had so much fun planning this party as I had never done a Scooby Doo party before and it was fun creating new cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and party decor that would fit with the girly Scooby Doo theme.  One of my favorite things about doing parties and events is meeting new people and getting to be a part of their special day.  I truly appreciate the opportunity people give me to help plan their event as I know its hard to trust someone with the details of something so important.  I look forward to being a part of the Illuminate conference this coming Friday put on by Vend Raleigh:



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