Sweet Southern Comfort….

One of my very dear friends is getting married next summer here in North Carolina and is hoping to have an “antique/rustic/personalized” wedding (yes, that is quite a description for a style but its going to be amazing and so them!).  It’s all in the early planning stages, but since I’ve already had my wedding I’m hoping she won’t mind me helping out with hers. Everyone loves a wedding!

One of my favorite ideas for weddings, or any event for that matter, is using mason jars.  You can use them for centerpieces, candle holders, favors, and about a thousand other things.  This website has some wonderful ideas for using them: http://www.theweddinghunter.com/2012/01/10/hunted-wedding-decor-mason-jars/   If you type in “mason jar weddings” on Pinterest you are guaranteed to find lots of cute ideas  and its also a great way to save money on bigger ticket items like centerpieces.  My favorite “everyday party” use is filling them with m&ms and making them a centerpiece (for kids birthdays you can put their age in candle form in the jar as well). 

When planning your wedding, birthday party or any other event make it your own and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


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