Friday Favorites

The world of blogging is so new to me, and I constantly have ideas running through my head about fun topics to write about; then I go to write about them and can’t remember a thing! I’ve started making a “road map” for myself to keep track of all my ideas and when I will write about them.  I have so many parties and events that I’ve done in the past, so I’m excited to incorporate them over the next couple of months into my site to give you all a good idea of what I’ve done and where I’m going with my business.  I’ve said it before, but I truly appreciate your understanding and patience with my writing skills as I learn more and more every day about how to portray my work/ideas/thoughts in this whole new blogging endeavour.

Today starts my first “Friday Favorites”; every Friday I will talk about things that I have come across over the past week, or maybe something that I’m looking forward to for the weekend.  Sunday is the first day of fall, so I could easily write about all things pumpkin every week for the next three months, but I will do my best to branch out!

While its only September, I am already getting excited for Christmas as I will have two little boys to spoil! My littlest one will only be 5 months old, so he won’t care, but my 2 1/2 year old is really going to have alot of fun this year (too bad he won’t remember all the fun!).  I always go all out for decorating at Christmas, but tend to keep things pretty simple for the fall.  The Williams Sonoma herb wreath is always on my “want” list for the fall, yet I always seem to talk myself out of it and just admire it online.  Instead I try to freeze as many fresh herbs as I can from our garden (the small patch of one we have) and tend to make TONS of pesto with all our leftover basil.  Image

My son’s school this week had Safety Day, where an ambulance and fire truck came out to school for the kids to see and look around in.  Needless to say my son LOVED it and I had such a nice time getting to know our local fireman.  When you ask my son what the fire truck and ambulance do, all he says is “they help people”, which sums it up perfectly.  The firemen said to stop by the station whenever we want as they love visitors; it helps keep them busy and break up monotony when they aren’t out on calls.  And there is nothing cuter than a little kid getting excited about what you do! To tie this in to what I do, I got a call this week asking about venues for children’s birthday parties that did not cost an arm and a leg; caveat being the party is in the winter so it needs to be indoors.  My first thought was a fire station; not every fire station will host a party, but there are definitely several stations in the area that will.  It is free to use their space, but I normally suggest giving a donation to the station and bringing food/sweets for the firemen.  Because it does not cost to have the party there, you can use the money you are saving towards food, decorations and favors.  The firemen will provide all the activities you will need for a party; normally consisting of touring the trucks, trying out the clothes, seeing the station and anything else the guys have around that day.  To me its one of the best places to have a party for kids as you don’t need to worry about having the kids be entertained, which is always a priority to me at parties.  This weekend I will be blogging about a party I did at a fire station for a little boy this past year, and I can’t wait to share my ideas and pictures with you all! I hope that everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend and the beginning of a wonderful fall.  Image


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