Not a baby shower game fan???


Baby showers are some of the cutest and most fun parties to plan; everyone loves a baby! When planning a shower, people normally fall into two categories: yes to baby games or no way do I want games. If you’re of the latter opinion, a really fun alternative to entertain the mommy-to-be is to have a scrapbook shower. For this type of party you will need to buy scrapbooking supplies and lots of stickers, tape and scissors. Each guest will decorate one page of a scrapbook; examples include baby’s first bath, first holiday, first smile, etc. At the end of the party you will present a fully compiled scrapbook to the guest of honor and then all she has to do is fill in the pages with the pictures.

This is a really fun idea for the guests and for the mommy-to-be as she is given a gift that will truly last a lifetime. Creating a baby scrapbook is fun to do even if you play party games as well! When it comes to planning a party, try and think outside the box……that’s where the best ideas come from!


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