Friday Favorites

Hard to believe next week is Halloween!  If you haven’t gotten your Halloween candy yet, I would make your way to the stores this weekend;  I went yesterday and there was less to choose from than I thought!  I can just imagine how sparse the choices will be next week.  Luckily they weren’t out of pretzels……my favorite thing to get for my kids “trunk or treat” at school.  Yes, I’m that mom that gets pretzels for the kids instead of candy.  Before you judge, I did get candy to pass out to the neighborhood kids, I just thought I would “healthify” it up a little for Jake, Tyler and their buddies.  And its less bad-stuff for me to have around the house to eat prior to Halloween day!

My two favorite things this week are both Halloween related as we are finishing up final touches for the holiday this weekend.  We will be carving one or two of our pumpkins (and baking the pumpkin seeds of course!), but I’m excited to have Jake decorate his pumpkins using some of these ideas (specifically the sticker decorating) :

This weekend we are also going to be making these pumpkin rice krispie treats for Jake’s teachers:   I always like to bring the teachers a little something for the holidays, but especially when a holiday falls during the week, I like to make things that are easy to package and transport.  Rice krispie treats definitely fit the bill………and who wouldn’t love some pumpkin added into the mix!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with pumpkins, friends and family.  It’s definitely going to be hot cocoa weather here; fall has arrived in NC!


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